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Delhi – International Commercial and Cultural hub PDF Print
Written by Indicus Research   
Thursday, 23 July 2009 04:21

Lead in Intellectual Domain Commercial Domain Cultural Domain



The Vision
Delhi - The Gateway to India
Tameez and tahzeeb
In an era of Economic Dynamism
A Simple City to Live, Work and Retire in
An attractive, inclusive city which complements and leads the country
Heritage and Leisure
Where the new is built on the rich heritage in a synergistic manner
Employment opportunities and access to learning for all
Civic amenities, clean air, clean water, waterways and parks.
Living and Communities
Where citizens actively participate and make decisions
A systematic and staggered Approach
India’s Political Capital, North India’s commercial center, Growing Knowledge center India’s commercial center, Center for Research, Cultural activities – center for arts Asian commercial center, Cultural Hub, Knowledge Hub 2010 2020 2030 2050 International commercial center, Cultural Hub, Knowledge Hub In 10 years A truly inclusive, cosmopolitan city in name and spirit, Delhi, will lead India’s foray into superpower status In 20 years Intellectual Domain Cultural Domain Commercial Domain Infrastructure Human Capital Interactions Opportunities for all
Capital –> Centre –> Hub 2010 - 2020 Build a base - Center of Knowledge, Culture and Commerce 2020 - 2030 Become an Asian Hub Centre - A point of attraction for business visitors and travelers Hub – place of concentrated activity from where ideas and influences spread
Intellectual domain World Class Universities, Research Institutions, International Conferences Commercial domain Centre of international and regional logistics and trade - Gateway to North India International and regional employment centre Location and source of cutting edge ideas and projects Cultural domain Media, Performing Arts,  Museums, Nature and environment Delhi Boasts of all the Potentials that Create A World City Delhi can Lead India
Collaboration of communities and Government Government as The Anchor Communities as The execution partners BHAGIDARI
Citizens and Visitors
Enjoy the facilities
Have a good time
Existing facilities scaled up
Waterfront developed for recreation
Festivals organized and scaled to higher levels
Old cities as tourism destinations
Communities have a direct stake and responsibility in managing, manning and running the facilities The Government regulates, provides support and encourages execution. Ensures that communities directly involved benefit the most in a transparent manner – employment opportunities, entrepreneurial opportunities, profit sharing ploughed back into development
Opportunities Intellectual Domain Commercial Domain Cultural Domain Opportunities Threats Pressure of In migration Transport Gridlock Communication Gridlock Environment Utilities Pedestrians/ Public transport Legacy Laws International hub for business Centre of education, research Destination for Knowledge industry Gateway to tourism Arts center