Pincode and Micro Markets

Pin code and micro market level analytics is a customised service from Indicus for clients looking for effective and insightful micro market and retail planning analysis.

It is most suited for business verticals and sectors that wish to identify market size of their product and services at micro market or pin-code level, estimate market size for specific retail locations or identify the best retail locations for their business.

This analytics service is specifically designed to deliver sizes of consumer segments, their asset and expenditure profiles, as well as estimate the overall market potential of a pin-code or micro market area.

The analytical framework also allows for probing and finding solutions on optimization of retail distribution, compete more effectively by mapping catchment and footfall of each competitor’s retail location, minimise cannibalisation and understand the characteristics of the consumers within specific retail catchments.


Micro-market Sizing

For those who want to know about the market size and incomes and spending of target consumer segments in a specific locality of interest – such as a pin code, ward, neighbourhood........ read more

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Best Retail Locations

This service helps in identifying optimal locations of retail activity in a city-region.  Based on user defined product, target segments and the city-region of interest, we will identify the most appropriate locations to..... read more

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Catchment Mapping

Here we identify the true catchment area of existing (or planned) retail locations. This helps to optimize distribution and retail plans not only for specific cities or rural clusters but even across the states or regions........... read more

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Catchment Profiling

For those who have a specific location in mind, fully know its catchment and want to find out about the consumers in the catchment. Indicus may also conduct a micro-survey to measure and validate the expected footfalls........... read more

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Attract Competitor’s Customers

We map the catchment areas of competition’s retail locations along with those of the patron and derive additional catchment areas that can be accessed.......... read more

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Retail Chain Optimisation

This involves planning the retail footprint expansion more scientifically and robustly, thereby minimizing the risk of cannibalization or loss of business from existing retail outlets............ read more

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