Sector Wise Studies

From time to time Indicus Analytics takes up highly challenging consumer economics, market size estimation and forecasting exercises. These may involve intensive econometric analysis, data mining methods, calibration exercises, etc. Though only a few such exercises have been conducted by Indicus, they have had national and international significance.

This study is identifying target segment for Pfizer's particular business along with understanding their various socio-demographic characteristics. The study will also forecast the target segment for next 10 years. 

This study looks into the extent of public participation in the electricity regulatory process.
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Catchment analysis of existing Godrej nature's basket stores

Sponsor: Godrej Industries Limited

November 2013

The objective was to define the overall target consumer segment for Godrej Nature's Basket (GNB) based on revealed preference methods in specific GNB stores. Developed heat-maps of catchment around the 10 stores.
To develop an approach that helped in assessment of benefits of competition reforms on consumers and producers in staple food and passenger transport sectors. One of the main goals was to demonstrate the benefits of competition reforms for consumers and producers.

This study was conducted with objective of identifying and locating super premium consumers in India so as to double the sponsors’ relevant business on a year on year basis.

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White paper on direct selling industry in India

Sponsor: Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

February 2013

The white paper analysed the impact of existing legislations on the direct selling industry in India and lacunae therein, and recommended measures for growth of the industry.
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End-user Business Intelligence Research on Electric and Solar Water Heater

Sponsor: Haier Group: The Haier Central Research Institute

February 2013

A field survey of 960 households in Delhi & NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune and Hyderabad was conducted through a structured questionnaire. Through this survey households socio-economic profiles, requirements, driving forces for purchasing, brand consciousness, price points etc. to identify customer segments. In the continuation of the survey, Focus group discussions (4 in each sampled city) were also conducted by Indicus researchers to help in substantiating household survey data for customer segmentation. For solar segment, a total of 240 commercial establishments were also covered across ten cities of India.
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India’s Best Cities

Sponsor: India Today

February 2013

A rating of India’s best cities on their absolute performance and on their growth across time. Over 60 parameters were covered from both Primary survey and secondary data sources. Fifty cities were ranked on Composite and Six Sub-categories like Public Services, Health Care, Education, Housing & Transport ,
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Sponsor: Self Sponsored

September 2012

The residential properties in the top 7 cities namely Mumbai, NCR, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad & Chennai , have been assigned a rating on the basis of broad parameters ; value, connectivity & experience. The ratings were based on data collected from a quarterly updated field survey.
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Performance Bench Marking of Private Life Insurance Companies across India

Sponsor: AEGON Religare Life Insurance Company Limited

February 2012

The study looked into operational efficiencies and productivity of branches of life insurance companies. The study covered 462 branches of major private life insurance companies across 39 cities in India including all metro cities. The study identified the major determinants that contribute towards higher efficiency and productivity of life insurance companies.
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Wage Inflation Issues in India

Sponsor: Livingstone & Company

May 2011

The report aimed to cover diverse perspectives on wage inflation. The focus of monitoring was on macroeconomic and political developments regarding wage inflation, its impact on specific companies and sectors, government and business strategies intended to manage the inflationary trend, profiling companies and sectors of interest whose experience of wage inflation illustrates its impact on competitiveness, labour patterns, investment and productivity.
The Indicus Consumer Handbook was an essential reference containing the latest estimates of a range of information on Indian markets, consumers and the economic factors driving them. The Handbook demystifies the lingering conundrum about the composition of the Indian economy and its markets. It covers an entire gamut of information on India’s economy, infrastructure, socio-economy and demographic characteristics. The book serves as a quick reference giving interesting insights on diverse markets being catered by different sectors in India. Each section deals with a unique subject carefully laying out pertinent facts, figures along with useful insights substantiated with graphs and charts.
The aim of the research was to collect & process primary demographic & socio-economic data for the Gurgaon Manesar Urban Complex area. The project also involved estimation of the current resident population and their characteristics as well as the floating population. The project also required to develop a model to estimate the future resident as well as floating population in the given area.
The study identified the target market for health insurance and provided the client with city level data for prioritization of their sales and marketing efforts.
This experimental economics initiative involved understanding of "How households allocate resources internally". A sample of households in UP and Andhra were purposively chosen to conduct this exercise.
The primary aim of the white paper was to address the lay person and the uninformed policy maker and explain in simple terms the relevance of auctions in the context of resource allocation in India.
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Business Research and Intelligence

Sponsor: Precision Automation Robotics India Limited (PARI)

September 2007

Indicus provided a comprehensive macroeconomic perspective on the economy using easy to understand, actionable indicators. Forecasts of economic growth, inflation and other macro-economic variables were provided for the quarter ahead and subsectors of manufacturing are tracked to identify their growth potential. The capacity addition and demand in the automobile sector were tracked for the past and projected into the next two years, to pinpoint whether the 2005-07 boom was due to end.
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Consumer Durables Ownership Trends

Sponsor: National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER)

August 2007

The project provided insights into ownership, stock and purchase patterns of manufactured goods (which included both consumer durables and consumables) by households and linked it to household characteristics. The information provided was a useful tool for marketing professionals and business-planners, as it would enable them to identify their target consumers, their spending pattern and predict the future demand for their goods based on the demand trends found in the past and present. The project undertook an extensive detailed analysis of household ownership of major consumer durables and the change in ownership patterns across time. It was observed that the ownership patterns have been changing drastically over years, with the middle class being the drivers of growth. This was attributed to the fact that the middle class was seen to be the group where the maximum demand was generated. The analysis also extended to project the growth of households and in turn the growth of the middle class. Various consumer durables like ACs, refrigerators, cars, washing machines, TVs etc. had been considered.
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Estimating internet users in India

Sponsor: JuxtConsult Research & Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

April 2007

Estimated the Internet Users in India based on one of the largest Online and Offline Survey on Internet usage. An annual exercise, the results of the latest estimation were presented in India Online 2007.
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The Credit life Insurance Market

Sponsor: New York Life Insurance Company

October 2003

Key Objectives of the study was to identify insights into market characteristics that enables Max New York Life (MNYL) to satisfy credit-life insurance requirements; Size of the accessible credit insurance industry; Characteristics of various segments of the credit industry; What industry professionals believe; What are the consumers ‘openness’ levels towards credit-life insurance.