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Indicus Premium Products are available at Annual Subscription in various versions. Please contacts us for details
Projections are only available in District GDP product till year 2015-16. However, we allow our clients to run their own projections on our data based on their requirements. Also we provide historical time-series data to enable this. We have time series data for the following:
District GDP of India: We provide District level GDP across sectors and their sub-sectors for the time period 2001-02 to 2012-13. GDP projection is available for the sectors & sub sectors for the time period 2013-14 to 2015-16.

Market Skyline of India: Urban and rural households in different income brackets for the time periods 2004-05, 2009-10, 2011-12, 2013-14. Urban and rural consumer expenditure across 5 categories (Food, FMCG, Durable goods, Miscellaneous goods and services and Clothing & Footwear) from households in different income brackets for the time periods 2004-05, 2009-10, 2011-12 & 2013-14.Urban consumer expenditure with detailed break-up of 21 categories for the time periods 2004-05, 2009-10, 2011-12 & 2013-14.
All Indicus Premium Products are available in a query driven software with annual subscription. The software allows the user to easily select geography, data points and extract data, plot on thematic maps and graphs. The inbuilt ETL Tool allows user to integrate own data by geography or Lat-Long for analysis/ comparison. The software helps user to do basic computing on data points, create custom variable and save it for analysis and mapping.
The user can purchase data on Annual Subscription Mode, under which the license to use the product software is valid for one year from the date of installation. During the subscription period all updates (if any) will be provided free of cost to the client. On completion of one year of subscription the software will cease to work.
Indicus will provide the updates as and when it is available depending on updates from various sources and that the frequency and content of updates are not fixed. The updates will be provided only for the Product version which the User has subscribed.
Pricing of Indicus Product varies across version. Many of our customers also request us for additional information or parts of our data products. For your specific requirements, mail us at
Renewal of annual subscription provides access to update/refresh data of current year. User can avail renewal discount while renewing for consequtive year.
Indicus follows the census definitions for rural and urban areas. Urban- The definition of urban area as adopted by the Census of India is as follows:
(a) All statutory places with a municipality, corporation, cantonment board or notified town area committee, etc.
(b) A place satisfying the following three criteria simultaneously: i) a minimum population of 5,000; ii) at least 75 per cent of male working population engaged in non-agricultural pursuits; and iii) a density of population of at least 400 per sq. km. (1,000 per sq. mile). Rural- All areas not identified as urban as referred to as rural areas/villages.
Yes Indicus software allows user to extract data in spread sheet which can be saved in excel format.
Indicus data is compatible with all statistical software's and can be exported to any format as per the requirement of the user.