Indicus is involved in providing its statistical and analytical expertise to Amaltas to exploring the interconnection between sexual orientation, gender identity and development. The primary objective is to analyze the socio-economic and experience of discrimination with a small-scale survey on sexual minorities in India. 

This study is identifying target segment for Pfizer's particular business along with understanding their various socio-demographic characteristics. The study will also forecast the target segment for next 10 years. 

This study looks into the extent of public participation in the electricity regulatory process.
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India Entrepreneurship Index 2014

Sponsor: Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

In Progress

This study tries to capture the entrepreneurship environment based on large number of parameters at the state level. The objective is to rank the states based on a composite index that reflects entrepreneurial characteritics of the states. The study will cover 50 large cities across 20 major states in the country.
This study aims at quarterly forecasting of important macro-economic indicators and FMCG market in India

The study estimated credit requirement and credit gap by the MSME sector in 4 clusters in India. The study involved primary survey of MSME units along with other stakeholders in these clusters.  

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Temporary Workforce Engaged in Central Public Sector

Sponsor: Indian Staffing Federation (ISF)

January 2014

The study explored temporary workers in public sector firms; it draws public focus required for policy intervention to ensure that the best interests of temporary workers are protected.
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Survey in 23 States for the Panchayat Strengthening Index 2013-14 in respect to PEAIS”.

Sponsor: Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA)

January 2014

The study looked into the extent of devolution by the states to the Panchayat level. The devolution Index was computed with a composite of large number of parameters reflecting devolution of power to grass root levels.
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Closely Monitoring the Indian Economy

Sponsor: MW Corporation (P) Ltd

January 2014

A regular intensive analysis of the Indian Economy. A monthly report with a 360 degree overview of the Indian economic conditions that included-growth, inflation, fiscal and monetary conditions and policy expectations.
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Exploring HR Market in India

Sponsor: Indicus Whitepaper

January 2014

The study involved 1) Market size estimation for HR market in India (from a demand perspective) – for 8 core cities, 25 other cities where sponsor had their offices and for 35 states and Union Territories. 2) Identifying recent trends in these service areas. 3) Candidate demographics and profile in connection to sponsors services. 4) Competitor profiling including basic sales and marketing strategies, staffing structure, seasonality etc.
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The Immediate future of the Economy

Sponsor: India Today

November 2013

The study involves an analysis of macro-economic conditions and forecasts, and their link with markets in India.
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Catchment analysis of existing Godrej nature's basket stores

Sponsor: Godrej Industries Limited

November 2013

The objective was to define the overall target consumer segment for Godrej Nature's Basket (GNB) based on revealed preference methods in specific GNB stores. Developed heat-maps of catchment around the 10 stores.
To develop an approach that helped in assessment of benefits of competition reforms on consumers and producers in staple food and passenger transport sectors. One of the main goals was to demonstrate the benefits of competition reforms for consumers and producers.
Measurement of parameters related to crime & safety, health care, investment, environment, transport, entertainment, economy, education and public services from Indicus database.
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India Today State of the States 2013

Sponsor: India Today

October 2013

The study focused on State Performance ratings & Governance ratings. This included conducting comprehensive & associated ratings of all states & UTs in the country for a range of economic and socio-economic parameters.
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Economic Contribution of Informal Settlement Population

Sponsor: Society for Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA)

September 2013

This study was conducted to identify and measure the contributions of slums/informal settlement population to the city’s economy. This was important to understand their contribution to the city economies.

This study was conducted with objective of identifying and locating super premium consumers in India so as to double the sponsors’ relevant business on a year on year basis.

The paper analysed the linkages between services and manufacturing sectors and the growth of one sector has an impact over the other. This was established using input-output model.
Computation of Panchayat Strengthening Index (PSI) 2012-13 for all States/UTs covered under Part IX of the Constitution. The Index was formed the basis of a) ranking the States/UTs for the Panchayat Empowerment and Accountability Incentive Scheme (PEAIS), a Central Sector Scheme and b) performance linked funding under the Rajiv Gandhi Panchayat Sashaktikaran Abhiyan of the Government of India.
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Documenting the Benefits to India of Raising the Insurance FDI Cap

Sponsor: Nine Dot Nine Mediaworx Pvt. Ltd.

February 2013

This project was a part of a broader campaign supported by a number of foreign based, insurance companies organised by ASG that intends to use the research to help explain the benefits to various Indian stakeholders with the hope that they might be persuaded to become more actively involved in the public debate that may require a change in existing legislation by the parliament.