In terms of jobs created in Calendar Year 2011, Healthcare, Hospitality and IT took the top three places. In terms of y-oy growth rate, the pride of place was taken by the Pharma sector. These four sectors are expected to repeat their chart topper performance in Calendar Year 2012 too. Two other sectors that will significantly add to the employment opportunities are Media & Entertainment and Manufacturing of Non-machinery products. Real Estate and Construction, which was expected to log a 16.8% growth rate in Calendar Year 2011, only managed to grow at 15.1%. The growth rate is expected to further decline in Calendar Year 2012 at 13.4%. However, this sector is likely to create more than a lakh new job opportunities in the current year.

A summary of the employment generation scenario across 13 different sectors are presented below. It gives the estimated numbers of job created in Calendar Year 2011 in these sectors, as well as the likely additions in CY 2012. A comparison of Q4, CY 2011 against Q1, CY2012 numbers is also given in the following table. A detailed sectoral level analysis, highlighting some of the important developments which had a material impact on the job prospects in these sectors, is presented subsequently.
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