Source- Business Standard

Himachal Pradesh tops list on 'Entrepreneurial Attitude' followed by Bihar and Jharkhand

According to the India Entrepreneurship Report 2014 released by Amway India in association with Indicus Analytics, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi emerge as the most entrepreneur-friendly states as per current entrepreneurial confidence index. The report, released by Amarendra Sinha, special secretary & development commissioner, Ministry of MSME, Government of India states that Gujarat, Delhi and Punjab offer the most conducive environment for future entrepreneurs as revealed by the Future Entrepreneurial Readiness index. Further, Himachal Pradesh tops the list on ‘Entrepreneurial Attitude’ followed by Bihar and Jharkhand. Gujarat ranks one when it comes to infrastructure support and supportive governance and ranks one in the entrepreneurial confidence index. The state comes fifth when it comes to entrepreneurial attitude. HP, on the other hand, ranks one on the entrepreneurial attitude scale and comes fourth and fifth respectively when it comes to infrastructure support and supportive governance. It's overall rank in the entrepreneurial confidence index is two, while Delhi ranks second, Kerala coming tenth and West Bengal ninth. In terms of future entrepreneurial readiness index, Gujarat ranks one in enabling environment and growth-oriented economy and third in forward-looking governance. The state, thus ranks one in the entrepreneurial readiness index as well. The report ranks Indian states on entrepreneurial confidence and readiness. The study is based on the perceptions of respondents with regard to prerequisites of entrepreneurship in their respective states. The data used for index computation was collected through a primary survey of over 5000 respondents across 20 states and 50 cities across India, including unified Andhra Pradesh. The sample respondents comprised new entrepreneurs who started their ventures within a year of the study as well as general population. Anshu Budhraja, general manager, Amway India, said, “India will have the largest workforce in the world by 2025. One of the biggest challenges that confronts the country today is to offer appropriate job opportunities for this growing work force."