Source: Business Standard


"We have to fulfill the dreams of Mahatma Gandhi by making efforts in helping every citizen prosper... And spend hundred per cent funds meant for development," Ahmed said and called upon all leaders to rise above political lines and work for the common people.

Munda said, "The government is committed to work for the people by putting developmental schemes on the fast track."

The governor and the chief minister were speaking at the Raj Bhavan after releasing Jharkhand Development Report 2012, a study for Hindi Newspaper, The Prabhat Khabar and researched by Delhi-based Indicus Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

"Statistics show good things as well as loop holes. We will make efforts how to plug the holes and better the good things showed by the report," Munda said.

Asserting that the government had moved forward in some areas and some others required progress, Munda said development was an ongoing process.

"For this (speedy development) the 2012-17 Five-year Planning is very important in stepping up development through optimal utilization of resources," Munda said.

Jharkhand Pradesh Congress Committee President and Rajya Sabha member Pradeep Kumar Balmachu said Jharkhand had allegedly failed to make much progress in many areas during the last twelve years.

"The government should be sensitive to developmental issues," Balmachu added.