"The Definition of town as per Census of India 2011 is defined below; 1. All places with a municipality, corporation, cantonment board or notified town area committee, etc. 2. All other places which satisfied the following criteria: i) A minimum population of 5000; ii) At least 75 per cent of the male main working population engaged in non-agricultural pursuits; & iii) A density of population of at least 400 persons per sq. km. The first category of urban units is known as Statutory Towns. These towns are notified under law by the concerned State/UT Government and have local bodies like municipal corporations, municipalities, municipal committees, etc., irrespective of their demographic characteristics as reckoned on 31st December 2009. Examples: Vadodara (M Corp.), Shimla (M Corp.) etc. The second category of Towns (as in item 2 above) is known as Census Town. These were identified on the basis of Census 2001 data."