Data & Analytics Solutions

Indicus data and analytics solutions help businesses take the right marketing decisions faster and smarter. They provide ready-to-use data and analytics that support strategic decision making at all levels.

Indicus products help users locate and select their consumer and market segments, prioritize markets and sales efforts, optimally locate their store or branch, test and experiment with new products, ads and sales tactics.

The critical USP of Indicus products is that they provide insights about the markets and the consumers through highly robust and credible data. The easy-to-use analytical tools and insightful infographics lets users compare, prioritize and choose their best markets instantly.

Moreover different Indicus products allow the users to choose the granularity-level they desire to work in. They can analyze consumer demography and market related data and derive insights at the level of a state, district, cities (of various tiers), block, neighbourhood, pin code, and now as finely as a one square kilometer area. At every geographic level, a range of marketing relevant demographic and economic data, derived from highly authentic public data sources, are analyzed and presented.

Indicus helps you find and touch your consumers and markets


rural markets for your products


growth areas


best locations for retail points


markets to improve marketing ROI


household spends and asset ownerships


desired consumer segments


consumer segments and markets


new segments and markets

Indicus data and solutions are backed by highly robust researched methodologies

More than 300 renowned companies and institutes use Indicus data solutions